In-Person Talks
  Note: Program starts at 14:00 
12:50 - 13:50

Registrations & Lunch

13:50- 14:00

Opening Ceremony


Keynote Speeches

14:00- 14:30

Title: Lead Poisoning: A Compelling Reason For Beethoven’s Deafness

Michael H. Stevens, University of Utah, United States

14:30- 15:00

Title: The Complete Clinician Model: Integrating a healthcare improvement tool into a hospital training curriculum 

Jared W. Henricksen, Loma Linda University Health, United States


Session: Nursing & Health Care

Session Chairs: Michael H. Stevens, University of Utah, United States
Kari Downey, Advocate Aurora Health Care, United States

15:00- 15:20

Title: Developing a successful educational model that improves advanced practice provider performance and success with onboarding and retention in a new complex congenital heart program

Christine Meliones, Children's Memorial Hermann/UTHealth, United States

15:20- 15:40

Title: Controlled Substance Monitoring and Diversion Prevention

Kari Downey, Advocate Aurora Health Care, United States

15:40- 16:00

Title: Use of power Flush protocol for PICC Line Tip Repositioning

Amalyn Mejia & Jorge Mesa , Loma Linda University Health, United States

16:00- 16:10

Coffee & Refreshment Break

16:10- 16:30

Title: A Path Model for Burnout in Community Mental Health Professionals

JIN Joo Chang, College of Nursing Science, Kyung Hee University, South Korea

16:30- 16:50

Title: Integration of cardiologist, pulmonologist, and advanced practice provider for the care of pediatric patients with pulmonary hypertension 

Raven Z. L. Houston, Children's Memorial Hermann/UTHealth, United States

16:50- 17:10

Title: Is the Complete elimination of CAUTIs possible! Revolutionary new active external urinary collection device may be the answer

Tyler Cutting, Ur24Technology, United States

17:10- 17:30


Jon Meliones,University of Texas Health,United States
17:30- 17:50

Title: Octreotide for the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding in women with bleeding and clotting disorder

Nathan Kobrinsky, University of Dakota, United States







Day - 1 Concludes

This is the tentative timings only, timings might be change slightly

Day-2 Virtual Talks through ZOOM
(10:30- 15:10)


  Day -2 (Oct 21, 2022)
10:30- 10:50 Title: Students’ Perceptions of Online Adult Nursing Practice (Chronic care) for the COVID19 Pandemic
Yukari Nihiso, Shijonawate Gakuen University, Japan
10:50-11:10 Title: Therapeutic effects of adipose-derived stem cell transplantation on wounds in diabetic rats
Jiahong Gong, Central Hospital affiliated to Shandong First Medical University,China
11:10-11:30 Title: Audits of Antimicrobial Usage in a Tertiary Care Center in Hyderabad
Lakshmi Jyothi Tadi, All india institute of medical sciences Hyderabad, India
11:30-11:50 Title: The impact of effective utilization of Greenbelt Six Sigma method in patients’ experience in ambulatory care clinic
Samirah Ali Alamri, King Abdullah Specialized Children Hospital (KASCH), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
11:50-12:10 Title: Effect of collaborative review of electronic patient-reported outcomes for shared
reporting in breast cancer patients: descriptive comparative study
Dr.Med Andreas Trojan, University of Zuric, Switzerland
12:10-12:30 Title: Healthcare professionals’ experiences of reviewers’ conduct during incident reviews at public hospitals in Gauteng, South Africa
ELIZABETH NKOSI, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
12:30-12:50 Title:Nomophobia, anxiety, and Depression levels in Italian Nursing students and related implications in Nursing Education
Elsa Vitale, Centre of Mental Health, Italy
12:50-13:10 Title: Care of the Uterus in Labour to reduce the incidence of Postpartum Haemorrhage, when using Unlicensed Dilutions of Synthetic Oxytocin
Monica Tolofari, University Hospitals of Leicester, United Kingdom
13:10-13:30 Title:Emerging of Servant Leadership in Healthcare 
Eman Salman Taie, Helwan University- Cairo, Egypt
13:30-13:50 Title: Birth shock!
Joyce Da Costa Silveira De Camargo, University of Sao Paulo School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, Brazil
Close Ceremony

This is the tentative timings only, timings might be change slightly